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Thursday, January 5, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Tampa, Florida on 2017-01-05 19:03:00 - First noticed almost directly above, i observed how bright and out of place it seemed. the object seemed a bit bigger than what the planet venus would look like.

I was picking up my daughter from my parents house. when we exited the house i noticed a bright object almost directly above in the north eastern sky. it seemed a bit bigger and brighter than what venus looked like in the same evening. knowing that at this time venus was behind me in the western sky is why the object caught my eye. i thought to grab my cell phone to use my planets app. but that's when i then noticed that the object was slowly moving and slightly zig zagging. as i watched it i was calling for my parents to come see it as well. we thought it could be some type of plane, but i live under the tia (tampa international airport) flight runway takeoff/landing path and i see planes frequently. the object started off very bright and large. i would say about the size of a highlighter marker tip. when it slowly moved in a north to north east direction it dimmed. i watched it move in a slight flicker to zig zag like motion as it continued to keep its north to north east motion. as it continued to move the object dimmed at the same time, (i timed my self after to get an approximate idea on how long we've seen the object for.) i would say we watched the object for 40-45 seconds wondering what could it be. the object kept going in slight zig zagging motions and headed to the north east until it dimmed out of site completely. it almost seemed to be going up and not north. the color of the object seemed to change slightly as well. at the objects first and most brightest point of sight it seemed to be a bright silver to white. at the objects dimmest point before disappearing it seemed more star like and golden. upon seeing the object i was pretty excited, due to i know that what i have seen was very unusual. i have lived in the same city all my life and i look to the stars and planets often, and i know the normal flight paths to the local airport and airforce base. so for me this was definitely something out of the normal sites that i see in the local sky. as i am not saying for sure by any means that i know what it was or could be. i just hope by you getting this, maybe someone else in my area has also seen the object and we could shed some light on what could have been in the sky on this night.

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Credit: MUFON

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