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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

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UFO Sighting in San Antonio, Texas on 2005-04-07 16:00:00 - Swirling upside down tornado with papers falling and disappearing.

I was with my 12 year old daughter leaving her junior high school near our home on a clear spring day 2005. it was around 3-4:00. we were in route to go pick up my two sons at the high school few blocks away. i was driving west on w. boyer st. when i looked up to my right by the railroad tracks, from the front windshield and we both see this huge swirling upside down tornado it swirling these papers that were in the colors of silver, copper, gold and other metallic colors. with the sun you can really see that the papers were shiny and metallic, all these papers had symbols printed on them. the symbols on the papers we could not identify but know they were symbols and not words.They were falling all around but would then disappear. i stopped at the stop sign. and made a quick left onto hoefgen ave. i though i could get off right there and looked to see if i could find one of the papers and get some but couldn't find one at all. there are two businesses there a small car sales and a lot with 18 wheeler beds. these papers flew all above there on top of the lots and disappeared. i think maybe two other people stopped to see this too. this phenomenon was very high and fast swirling and just like that stopped and disappeared. my daughter and i couldn't believe it and have told several people since and they don't understand what we saw and to this day we still remember it exactly the same and pass by there everyday, because it is two blocks by our home. we do not know what it was and what the meaning of this was in any way. sometimes i feel it was a type of portal. also, i have to add that we looked above and saw no helicopter, no airplane or anything like that in the sky above this. this is something we will never forget and finally i am able after all these years to report this to someone. i must add that if i had a cell phone then that could take video or photos i would have. but i only had a phone to make calls at that time. i regret not having any type of camera with me.

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Credit: MUFON

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