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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

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Black Triangle Sighting in Lajes das Flores, on 2017-01-02 22:00:00 - Two triangles formed by three, pulsating lights, rotating slowly then disappearing

I had stepped out from my house at around 9pm to smoke a cigarette before bed. i looked up to observe orion, who has appeared in the east at an elevation of about 20/25 degrees (sirius would have been above the horizon but obscured by a hedge) and noticed an unusual star in the sky near where sirius should be. i decided to move onto my terrace to take a better look. i rushed up to my terrace and continued to view the star. as i watched it i realised that it was in fact three lights very close together in the sky, marking the corners of an equilateral triangle. the lights seemed to be pulsating randomly and alternating colour randomly between red, blue and green - there was no discernible pattern. occasionally there were visible lines going from the lights in the corners to the centre of the triangle, always the same color as the lights. the lines never met in the centre, which was already dark. at first i thought the object seemed to be rotating slowly in the sky, but then i the actual points of light weren't moving as i would have expected from a rotating object, and that they were fading in brilliance and then growing again in unison. the object was visible in the nee, above the ocean (i live on ilha das flores, a├žores). there was also a second object at a slightly lower elevation visible at ne. due to the way the lights flickered like the stars i guess they were at a good distance from where i was standing and that the light reaching me had been distorted by the atmosphere. i called my wife out, and she came up to the terrace and confirmed what i saw. the lights were there for roughly fifteen minutes, and then faded away and did not return. during the time they were visible they did not move discernibly or make any noise. i was unaffected psychologically (apart from my obvious excitement at seeing an unidentifiable object in the night sky).

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Credit: MUFON

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