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Monday, January 9, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Brisbane, Queensland on 2003-04-01 00:00:00 - My brother and i witnessed 2 car sized bright lights hovering 1 meter off the ground near our clothes line, we watched from a bedroom window, then my brother went outside and i became scared .

My brother and i were staying at my grandmothers house one night in 2003. it was our last few nights in australia before we were due to move to the united states for about a year. (i can no longer remember the exact date) we were around 19 at the time, my brother 16. we were sharing a spare room and each of us had a single bed on either side of it. we had stayed up late talking. at around 1 am in the morning, we heard the neighbour taking out the wheely bins. these bins make a very distinctive rumbling sound when pulled over a rough driveway or road. we thought it was odd that our neighbour was doing this at 1 am, specially because he was elderly. we went back to our normal discussion, but eventually noticed that the wheely bin sound had not stopped. instead it sounded like it was moving around our house. both of us were puzzled, making comments like "what on earth is he doing?" the sound continued for a few minutes continuing to encircle the house, by this point it was quite fast as though someone was running with the bins, doing laps. it abruptly stopped. i unfortunately cannot recall much of our conversations anymore. but i know by this point we were starting to get a little anxious, and making jokes about our neighbour and other things it could be. blaming my grandmothers creepy house etc. shortly there after - maybe 2 - 5 minutes passed before a bright light shinned into the window next to my bed. i could see the entire neighbours house lit up like it was under stadium flood lights. i think we just sat up in our beds and said things like "what the hell" in astonishment. at this point there were large sounds of banging on the roof, right above our heads. this is not unusual in australia as possums regularly run all over roofs at night but this was particularly loud, like a full person was stomping on the roof. i remember saying to my little brother not to worry and that it must be an extremely fat possum, or something to that effect. next, all the light vanished from window next to me, and reappeared through the kitchen window on the other side of the house. i could see this window from where i was laying as my head was inline with the bedroom door and hallway, leading into the kitchen. i could see the other house lit up as if it were daylight. i remember i said to my bother "its on the other side now, it looks like daylight outside" it only stayed at this window a few moments, before vanishing and then shinning through again from the small window behind my brothers head, that looked out into the backyard. my brother got up onto his knees and looked out of the window. he then said "omg, josh come here, look" i got up and moved across to his bed, and also kneeled ontop of his pillow beside him, looking out into the yard. in the backyard, around 10 meters away from the house, where two car sized glowing white balls of light. it looked like car headlights. though obviously much much bigger. we could tell they were close because of all the shadows they were casting in the yard. the clothesline was on the object/s right side less than a meter away so casting a very long shadow. here is where things get extremely weird for me, and bother me to this day (hence i am here writing this) my first reaction when i saw the lights was complete calm and awe. i felt extremely relaxed and was in no way anxious or worried about it. i then strangely said to my brother "oh, they are here" and my brother said "do you think we should go outside?" to which i simply responded "yes" i don't really understand my motivations or thoughts here. when i think about this now. i assume that today and then, i would have been scared or concerned about that we were observing. we both got up and headed into the hallway, to get outside we had to pass,the bathroom, my grandmothers room, go through the kitchen, down a few stairs into a laundry and then there was a final door to the outside, which was visible from the kitchen. we walked into the bathroom and attempted to see if we could see the objects, we couldn't as it didn't have a clear view of the yard. we then went into my grandmothers room as we noticed she had not woken, even though we were making a lot of noise talking. i remember my brother remarked it was odd that she wasn't awake. we tried to wake her up, but she was in a very deep sleep. (she was a woman who would wake up at the slightest noise and want to know why you were going to the toilet!) we then went into the kitchen. we could see that it was very bright outside, but both of the kitchen windows did not have a view looking toward the clothes line where the objects were. i remember we kept looking out the kitchen windows trying to spot them, all the while getting more anxious about actually going out. lots of "do you think we should really go out there" comments. my little brother decided he would still go out, but i became very anxious. i was pacing a lot trying to decide if i should go. my brother went down the stairs from the kitchen and to the backdoor, i remember he said something like "ok i'm going out". my thoughts at this point were also strange, i remember quite clearly thinking - i don't want to remember, i don't want to remember over and over while i paced back and forth between the view of my brother at the backdoor, and the hallway leading to the bedroom. then i had another feeling of calm - with the thoughts: he is his own man, he can go if he wants, he will be fine they will take care of him. then i am going to bed! the last thing i remember is seeing my brother unlatch the door and then walking very deliberately to my bed. (the fact i did that really bothers me!) the following morning, we realized what happened while eating breakfast and asking our grandmother if she heard anything. it took quite a while for us to really acknowledge what happened. my brother says he remembers nothing about what happened outside. it was not until many years later that i also recalled another detail - i woke up to find my brother walking into the room sometime later i asked him "what happened outside" he just said "nothing" and climbed into bed, almost robotically. i asked him what time it was, i'm not sure how he checked but he told me it was 3am. so that was about 2 hours after we first saw the lights. to this day, the whole event bothers me. the way i acted and a few things i said don't really make sense to me. i really don't like that i abandoned my little brother to it, and was so calm about it that i got into bed and fell asleep! i don't think whatever it was, was malicious. the feeling of awe and calm i got when i gazed at it, is enough to leave me with the impression that - if it is something to be afraid of, it certainly doesn't want you to walk away remembering that. so this is how i remember the event. i am not sure if my brother remembers it occurring in the same order as i do, as we rarely talk about it anymore.

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