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Saturday, January 7, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Scottsdale, Arizona on 2012-10-26 00:00:00 - I witnessed an unusual pulsating orb. it was joined by two more. all stationary, hovering, until disappearing in place; no movement.

I was working as a licensed armed security guard, at a residential community in the south of scottsdale arizona. at around 11pm, i witnessed an unusual orb of a bright amber/red color in the sky - far outside of the flight lane for the nearby sky harbor international airport. the orb did not move. initially, i thought it could be an airplane but my eye kept being drawn to it due to its unusual solid color - and it simply did not move. i soon saw an (unrelated) identifiable airplane and a helicopter, much closer to me and determined that the light i was observing was neither. so i began taking pictures of it, because ufos are not exactly unexpected in the area, and i thought it might just be one. it was soon joined by two other similar craft - which also hovered in place near to it. they simply appeared there, then hovered with the first craft, which began changing colors - and the other craft did the same; changed colors. after about 15-20 minutes i watched them disappear, rapidly but one after the other, in the exact same position they had been hovering. at no point did any of these craft move, and during this time i observed many ordinary airplanes flying (above and behind me) into sky harbor. the contrast between the actual airplanes, and these hovering objects far to the north east, was obvious to me; and i was glad to have taken the pictures i did. i originally wanted to keep these pics to myself, but a friend suggested i submit them to you. the exact area these appeared was over the mcdowell mountain regional park. i need to state that these 7 pics are the original images with a "zoom" of the lights open atop them in another window; which you'll clearly be able to see. i took the originals, opened them 2x in a photo-viewer, zoomed in on one... and put the "zoom" image over the original image to the side. i then screenshot each original image with its "zoom" atop it. i did this for all 7 photos. you can see vehicle traffic in some of the images... the vehicles have nothing to do with me, or the event; they just so happened to be in the frame when i took the pics.

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Credit: MUFON

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