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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Devens, Massachusetts on 1968-02-15 00:00:00 - I was surrounded by a heat force which transported me out of a life threatening situation.

While sitting on my sled waiting to go down hill at a popular location named salerno circle, i was suddenly held on both sides of my sled by my brother & a friend of his. they, wishing to play a cruel joke on me, turned my sled around and pushed me over the back side of the hill which was uncleared and very steep. the sled took off at a tremendous speed which made it nearly impossible to avoid the many trees & rocks that were in my path. as i approached the very bottom of the hill i unfortunately ran in to a tree. upon contact my body was thrown a short distance in to another tree which ruptured my kidney & spleen rendering me paralyzed from the waist down. as i lay there unable to move anything other than my head & arms, i constantly kept watch up the hill waiting for my brother to come down and help me; to my surprise he left me there. this caused me to go in to a panic, because where i was located was so deep in the woods no one could possibly see me, or even find me unless they were told i was there. after about 30 minutes of laying there it began to get dark; as the darkness set in i noticed a strange orange glow in the sky above the trees; then suddenly what appeared to be a heat force surrounded me; than a figure appeared before me that resembled an old faded brown robe. i could not understand what was happening, so in my attempt to figure it out i began to look for details so as to make sense of what i was experiencing; but what i could not see confused me even more. in my search to figure out what was before me i noticed there were no hands or feet to be seen; it was just a robe that covered some form of energy. than suddenly i was placed on my sled, and it began to move within this heat field out of the woods with this robe in the front of me creating the appearance that someone was pulling me along. as we moved out to the sidewalk along the main street i constantly looked through this heat field and watched cars going by, and wondered if they could see me as i could see them; even though the heat field made everything appear a bit blurry. in quick time i was pulled directly to the front door of our house; and upon my arrival the rope attached to the sled that was held by the robe dropped to the ground and the robe floated off and disappeared into the darkness.

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Credit: MUFON

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