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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Oldbury, England on 1985-10-31 19:00:00 - I saw some formations of ufos as if they were congregating at a meeting place high above in the evening night sky.

I was a young 15 year old just playing around in the garden of a friends house, it was evening time, i think i was sitting alone on the grass looking up at the sky when i noticed a four ship 2 abreast and 2 inline formation of what looked like delta winged aircraft, the only thing was that they were alight and had an all over underneath white light glow from nose to tail. i think there was more than 1 formation moving around each other but its hard to remember that part,i remember seeing one of the formations coming from the east and slowing down, they then kind of split up and individually moved without banking as if somebody was just moving them around by hand until all 4 ufo's were facing each other as if they were having a meeting with each other,maybe telepathically. they stayed there for some minutes then 1 by 1 each ufo turned on the spot toward different directions, then 1 by 1 from a standstill they slowly accelerated to what i can only describe as warp speed and out of sight. i never really said anything because i was young and i thought what i saw will explain itself when i get older but it never did. there was another thing that has puzzled me, around the same time during dinner break at school i went to the shops nearby, i had some spare time and wandered what was around the back of the shops to see what was there,i saw a really peaceful place with green fields, there was a road and on the road was a large red tractor, an oldish farmer in a tweed suit and a cap was leaned forward over the steering wheel looking like he was asleep or resting, it was a bright hot day, i thought at the time it was nice but time was getting on, i said to myself i will come back tomorrow dinnertime and went back to school. i think it was the next day i went to the shops and went around the back again this time all i saw was a builders yard, i think it was the back of a diy shop, i thought i must have taken a wrong turn and kept looking for the field, i was sure it was there and kept looking for it time after time but to no avail. as i got older i looked on the net and it said people have wandered into different dimensions, it fitted what i saw because they said there is no wind, its peaceful and bright but with no sun in the sky, which is what i recall.

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Credit: MUFON

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