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Sunday, January 8, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Rochester Hills, Michigan on 2017-01-08 00:00:00 - Observed a pseudo-star, white (mag +3) about 10-15 degrees south of the big dipper handle (lays e-w). the object noticed my orange light, and moved a few degrees toward me, stopped and crawled a few more degrees.

It was a rare winter clear night, so i went out in my yard to look at the stars with the naked-eye. one star seemed out of place and caught my eye. i recognized it as a possible pseudo-star and observed the white, third magnitude object, stationary, 10-15 degrees south of the big dipper handle, which laid in an e-w direction. i waived an orange light at it, and it immediately responded by moving a few degrees in my direction. it stopped, saw the light again, then the object brightened, and then crawled a little closer to me (moving west). as it was 7 degrees f. outside, i did not stay more than ten minutes, and the object remained in its "position" after my light had been turned off. these pseudo-stars look remarkably light real stars, but do not "twinkle." this object was positioned in open space; many pseudo-stars hide in front of real stars. brightness increases with velocity. these objects stay in one position for most of the night, except for a few which run the length of the sky. i have learned to use other celestial objects to make sure that any movement i see which is small, is not due to optical trickery. i took a cell phone photo of this object; i don't bring out my dslr in this weather, but i have many other photos showing that these pseudo-stars are objects with bright light emitting from one end most of the time (sometimes multiple lights). this object may have been cylinder shaped, but the photo is not good enough to be certain. i have seen cylinder, "saucer-like," and spherical bodies from other photos. i have seen these objects for nearly two years now, and almost nightly (weather-permitting) for the last six months. i am anxious to learn what these objects are, who is controlling the and why they have an organized, intelligent observation scheme over my city, north of detroit. i have had some light-related interaction with them in the past, some which felt quite threatening.

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Credit: MUFON

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