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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Brainerd, Minnesota on 1993-04-23 20:05:00 - No visual on craft, just lights

In april of 1993, i and a friend were at lum park in brainerd mn. this park is on a lake and it was about 8:00pm at night and we parked the car near a picnic area with a covered roof. we were about 20-25 feet from were we parked the car and i noticed some lights shine on the car from above. "yellowish" at first. there were no other cars around and i said something to my friend about the light. as we were looking around, another light, "blueish" started to spin on top of the car, and it was brighter. that's weird? i thought, there was not any car lights or flashlight that i knew of that could do that. the only way to describe it was it looked like it was right out of the movie, close encounters of the 3rd kind. where the truck was lite up by that ufo at the railroad tracks...You know those kind of lights. we looked on for about a minute and didn't hear any noise and there wasn't anyone around that we could see, no one playing tricks on us with lights nearby. so, at the same time we both stepped out and looked up in the sky...There were lots of pine trees around and we couldn't see anything where it could have been coming from, it was dark. even more odd was...At that moment when we had just looked up to see where the lights were coming from...The beeper i had in my purse started squealing beeps i had never heard before. i reached in my purse to grab it and turn it off...It startled me so much at just that moment. i tried to turn it off, but it wouldn't stop. so, i had to open it and take out the batteries. (it was maybe 20 seconds) and when i looked up again and then at the car...The lights were gone!

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Credit: MUFON

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