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Friday, January 27, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Calgary, Alberta on 2017-01-26 20:10:00 - Observed object from backyard deck for almost an hour. object was stationary. attempted to photograph it, but my camera was not capable of taking a clear image.

I was taking out the garbage at approximately 2010 hrs, when i noticed what appeared to be a slightly larger than normal star in the eastern sky. the sky was dark, and it was clear. other stars were visible in the night sky. i had never noticed a star at this particular location in the sky before (i've lived at this address for eighteen years). as i studied it, i realized that it was white, but had a flashing red light. it was difficult to determine an exact distance and altitude, but i would guess it was between one and two miles distant, and about 3,000 feet in the air? i'm guessing. i went back into the house and retrieved my camera and video camera. i had the camera on a tripod, and attempted to take a photo of the object. all i got was a blurry dot (poor quality camera). then i set up the video camera, and recorded four minutes of video. during this time, the object was stationary. once again, all i got was black screen. at this point, i went back in the house and retrieved a pair of binoculars. i put the camera back on the tripod, and set the binoculars on top of it so they would be stationary, and not jittery in my hands. what i saw through the binoculars was a crescent-shaped object, glowing white-green in colour. the points of the crescent were aiming upwards, and at the bottom center of the crescent was a flashing red light. i estimated that the red light blinked on and off once every second. i called my wife out to look at it, and at first, she thought it was simply a star. but as she looked through the binoculars, she was amazed. "that's no star!" she told me. the location of the object was in the direction of the local international airport. i would estimate that it wasn't over the airport itself, but it was directly in the flightpath of commercial airliners. while i was observing the object, i noticed a jet departing (i could see the running lights and hear the jet engine) from the airport to the north of the object's position. in eighteen years of living at this address, i have never witnessed an airliner take off from that direction. it was as if the airliner was told to fly around the object to avoid it. after approximately 35 minutes, during which time the object never moved, i took my camera equipment back in the house, and remained inside for about twenty minutes more in order to warm up. at approximately, 2115 hrs, i went back outside, and the object was gone. i wish i had put on a jacket and stayed outside to witness its departure!

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Credit: MUFON

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