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Saturday, January 28, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Saint Martinville, Louisiana on 2017-01-28 20:28:00 - Saw four starlike bright light and slowly moving in one direction across the night sky disappearing shortly afterward first seeing.

I was riding in an off-road truck with my cousins when i looked at the sky and saw four bright white-orange lights in the sky. i thought it was the big dipper, but the lights were very very bright, and i realized they were moving very slowly. i told my cousin to stop the truck so i've could take a picture, so she did. i took the picture with my cellphone (iphone 6), so that's goes to show that the lights were bright enough to get on the crappy cellphone camera. about twenty seconds later, the light all the way to the right slowly faded away. we sped back to the house to get my nikon to get a good quality picture of the lights. i put my phone home on the table and ran outside with my nikon. by the time i got outside, the lights were gone. so, i went back into the house to find my phone rebooting with a blinking apple logo. i don't usually have problems with my phone, so this event was odd. after going back and looking at the picture picture on my phone, you can see that each light was shaped like an arrow.

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Credit: MUFON

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