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Sunday, January 15, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Rosemead, California on 2016-11-23 20:45:00 - Looked like a rocket about 2-3 ft long and apprx 6inch rd

It was november 23,2016 i was walking my dog and was looking at the sky trying to see the moon and stars.I found the moon then all of a sudden a reddish/orange object was coming toward me at a fast rate of speed.I noticed that is was about as high as our 2 story townhouse.It flew almost above my head as i was follwing it with my eyes.It looked like a toy rocket you shoot up in the air with pressure.Only it was flyng horizontal and left a trail of what looked like flames as i fllowed it as it passed over my head.It flew straight for these tall trees and when it got close to the trees it accelerated and flew above the trees and disapeared.I was like did i really see that.I was like omg that was a ufo but it was small.I know it was not a drone.It was missiled shaped and flew way too fast.It also let the flame trail.I also noticed it seemed to glow reddish/orange and the flames were yellowish. are you aware of small size ufo'? i seemed to have a dream of small aliens landing the missle and exiting the ufo later that night. this is not the first time i have seen a ufo i will make another report about seeing ufo's with multiple witnesses with me in cancun mexico

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Credit: MUFON

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