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Monday, January 9, 2017

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UFO Landing in Farmerville, Louisiana on 1997-03-28 00:00:00 - Saw white light crash into water then saw red light go back and forth on surface of water

Sitting inside with my two cousins watching tv at my parents home on lake d'arbonne. through the large bay windows we saw a bright light come streaking across the sky as if it were headed toward the water. the light was much larger and brighter than a shooting star. it looked similar to a magnesium flare but seemed to fall faster than a flare would fall. we immediately ran outside to get a better view so we never saw the light impact the water . we assumed that it struck the water so we really didn't expect to see anything, but there was a red light out in the lake moving back and forth along the surface of the water? we assumed that the red light was a boat and that the boat seemed to be looking for something. one of my cousins said "it's a drug drop" meaning someone was dropping drugs from a plane and someone was retrieving them in a boat. the odd thing was that we never heard a plane or a boat. sound really travels across the water there so much so that u can hear conversations of people in boats on the water so u definitely would hear a boat motor. i don't remember how long we watched the red light because the next thing i knew my parents were home and ringing the door bell because we had locked the door. i'm not implying i have missing time i simply don't remember ever going back inside or locking the door. thinking back about that night have created some questions as i get older. primarily the way the red light moved on the surface of the water. i grew up fishing, running nets, yo yos, trot lines, etc with my dad so i'm very familiar with boats at night. most people actually don't use running lights at night because you typically have to manually plug them in to turn them on and they are really just to let other boats know whether you are coming or going. so one side of the light is red and the other side is green. if it were a boat wouldn't we have seen the green side at some point since it was moving from right to left and then from left to right across the water. lake d'arbonne has a lot of stumps in that part of the lake so if you want to travel fast you have to stay in the channel out in the lake. which i convinced myself must have been where the light was because it was moving so fast he had to be in the channel. if it were in the channel i should have heard the motor of the boat for sure. one day i would like to have my dad go out to the channel and go as fast as he can from left to right then turn around and go back and forth to see exactly what it would look like. in my mind it was just moving too fast for a regular boat. none of us had ever heard of people dropping drugs into the lake so i don't know why my cousin jokingly suggested that but if that were true wouldn't the boat try to avoid detection. if so that red light was the only thing we could see and couldn't hear anything so they weren't doing a very good job of being stealthy with that damn red light.

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Credit: MUFON

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