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Sunday, January 8, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Troy, North Carolina on 2016-01-08 02:55:00 - Glowing, flickering white orb moved abruptly, hovered, emitted beams of light. i observed for over an hour as it happened.

Glowing orb of light hovered in the sky to the southwest. movements were somewhat jerky-looking and abrupt at times; occasionally the movement reminded me of a mouse cursor being moved on a pc screen. i watched it for over an hour, from around 2:55am to 4:10am est. i had gone outside for a cigarette, and as i stepped out into the cold, i felt the urge to urinate. being that i live in the countryside, i simply stepped around the side of the house to empty my bladder on the ground. it was then that i noticed the object. the sky was clear after a long day of sleet and snow, and the object was fairly well visible. i did not know what to think of this object. it moved in a way unlike any aircraft or drone i have ever seen. it would do clockwise loops sometimes, it would quickly ascend then desecend even more quickly, it would move horizontally or diagonally around the area, and it would almost always punctuate its movements with a brief period of hovering. i stood outside watching it for about 5 minutes before i went back inside to watch it through the living room window. i pointed it out to my mother, who also saw it. she claimed to have witnessed the object multiple times previous to this as well. i felt a great sense of anticipation and extreme intrigue watching the object flit about the sky. i when i finally decided i should get some sleep, the object was still visible in the southwestern sky. i only lost sight of it because it was after 4am and i needed to go to bed.

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Credit: MUFON

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