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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Santa Fe, New Mexico on 2017-01-03 18:20:00 - Bright green strobing spinning? round flatish object flying fast along highway 100+ mph less than 100 ft up

I was driving home to taos county from santa fe with my husband in the car. i saw a bright strobing object heading south on the west side of the highway just as we were coming up to the exit for los alamos. near pojoaque and the stores and gas stations and casino that are at that point on the road. i was headed north bound. it was less than 100 ft elevation. very bright green. it seemed to be a spiraling or spinning pattern to it and round but flat. i think it seemed to spiral on the bottom of it but it may have been more spherical. there were no other lights on it and in my mind i tried to say it was a helicopter because of the spinning but it was bright green and no other lights on it. it moved at least twice as fast as the cars....50 mph.....So 150+ mph?. i tried to point and tell my husband fast enough so he could see it but he was only able to see it in the back window of the suv maybe a mile or more behind us over an overpass. he was able to see the strobing green light but not the spiral or spinning pattern. i had music on and windows closed so i have no idea if it had a noise associated with it. i was very aware that it was not explainable in my mind, i had no frame of reference for what i had seen and nor did my husband who could not explain something moving at that speed, so low and bright lime green. i was constantly looking for others or something to explain it. we lost sight of it because i was headed north and while i did have the desire to turn around and chase it, i knew i was not fast enough to pull a u turn across 6 lanes.

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Credit: MUFON

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