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Monday, January 9, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Pueblo West, Colorado on 2011-05-19 19:45:00 - See below

It was a late spring evening the 19th of may 2011 in pueblo west co. the sky was clear and the may sun hung at around 45 degrees in the 7:15 pm western sky. i was in my back yard playing a solitary game of horse shoes the pits were set up at nw and se across the back yard. my view was essentially unlimited in both directions as we sit on almost 2 acre parcels with neighbors lying distant in every direction. after pitching the shoes towards the nw i picked them up and pitched them both back the other way, as i walked towards the se i noticed that my labrador retriever’s eyes were fixed on something in the sw sky. i looked up and there i saw an object hanging silent in the sky, it was almost barrel shaped with a rounded top, it immediately reminded me of the r2/d2 character of star wars fame. the object was almost mirror like in appearance with a red horizontal band 2/3rd's up and above that was the rounded top which was a gun metal grey color. above this object were rippling waves like vapor of no color almost like air disturbance." my god", i said aloud "what the hell is that!" my mind searched for something familiar to explain this odd object however i could not find a redeemable explanation for it. nothing in my 60 years of life including some years in the usaf where i was exposed to some of the most advanced flying machines ever produced were there the sky's above one of the remotest places in southern nm including those above the white sands missile range. after a minute or so of a dead fixed position, a sweeping beam of white light appeared, then without further ado this object began to slowly move diagonally across the se sky slowly and silently. on a fixed track moving towards the ne. immediately i realized the object would cross paths with my house top which sits on a large mound of shale and clay just east of my position. at that moment i ran towards the house never leaving visual contact with this strange object i now realized was either very top secret in respects to its a\ability to defy both gravity and sound, as i quickly entered my houses lower level i began calling out to my wife stating emphatically "come out front hurry drop what you are doing now! my wife was in the kitchen just at the left of the top of the 2 level stair way, i did no sop at the top of the stairs afraid of losing sight of this unbelievable object i had just been possessed by. i immediately ran out the front door my wife running quickly behind me yelling what is going on! the object i had been watching was now down range approximately 1 mile now a black fading object my wife said looked diamond shaped as it disappeared over a hill in the distance. i realized at that moment my wife did see the object although at a much greater distance then i she saw it, thank god i thought if she had not i would always wonder i in fact hallucinated this oddity minutes earlier, forever questioning my sanity.

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Credit: MUFON

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