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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Denver, Colorado on 2017-01-09 18:30:00 - Dog sat down & so i sat down too then noticed this bright light move erratically and then "park" and sit there for awhile.

Was walking the dog around 6:30 pm tonight when she decided to sit. she's getting older and the breeze was cool and nice, so i sat next to her to just be with her and let her enjoy the time. then i noticed this round light move quickly, kind of back and forth, and then stop and sort of "park" if you will. we sat staring at the bright star/orb like thing hovering sw of us over the red lights of the hotel. to the east of us, the moon was almost full with a red ring around it and i sat there talking to the dog about what she thought the light was or whether it had always been there or if i was imagining things. idk - and after awhile, when it didn't move, calmly we went back inside. i got out the camera and walked back out to see if it was still there and, it was, so i tried to take video, which is super short because i'm a bad videographer and the battery died. i thought to myself that it was just a light on top of the building and that i'd just not noticed it before. figured i would see what the video showed and went back inside. after a few minutes i decided to go back and "check my mail" and look to see if it was still there but this time it was gone so it wasn't my imagination or a light on the building. i then googled to see if anyone else had seen what i saw and a video came up taken in 2011 in a city close to mine. same exact thing in that video that i saw tonight. will have to figure out how to download the video to upload here.

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Credit: MUFON

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