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Thursday, January 5, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Staunton, Virginia on 2016-12-28 20:50:00 - Husband and i were coming home about 9pm. husband pointed out strange lights - row of 4 lights straight across with one red light. husband very familiar with plans and said he had no clue what it was.

My husband and i were going home from verona on december 28th at about 8:50 pm, heading south on commerce road near staunton when my husband noticed something strange in the night sky. he first noticed it somewhere near where rt. 11 separates into rt. 11 business and commerce road. i thought it was a plane with bright lights but my husband told me he didn't know what he was looking at and that it didn't look like any plane he has seen. he is pretty good at spotting planes because his dad few small planes growing up. the object was to the west above an area that has lots of trees. there were four bright white (looked green to me at one point)lights across the 'front' that pulsed in sync. the lights appeared to be in a row and they seemed to be shining downward. there was a single red blinking light to what would be by my perspective, the right end of the vehicle. this red light did not blink in sync with the other lights. my husband commented that there was no green light on the opposite side of the red light, unlike aircraft. i was unable to make out a shape and only really noticed the lights. i would say that this craft flew at a height of a low flying aircraft but nothing to cause concern. we made a u turn at the entrance of blue ridge drive in staunton to get a better look after we passed it. the back end had three white pulsating lights appearing to point downward but lacked the red light. i opened the window to see if i could hear a plane but i heard nothing more then the occasional car. my husband turned the car around and we followed the object as it continued northward. with the trees obstructing the object we headed home at the next road crossing which is rt. 262 and headed west. we weren't sure what we saw but were not overly concerned either. we were left scratching our heads.

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Credit: MUFON

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