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Friday, February 3, 2017

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UFO Sighting in SamanĂ¡, on 2016-12-23 00:00:00 - Pulsating greenish /blue light ,i could not discern any body to the craft, however i do believe it to have been a craft due to the sound.

Myself and girlfriend were on vacation in the dominican republic specifically the grand bahia principe cayacoa, dec 23/16,we were out for supper to the french restaurant down hill from the resort ,after dinning out we left the restaurant to walk back to main 5 floor complex we were admiring the southern view over looking the ocean and surrounding bay, when off in the distance at about 30 - 45 degree above trees of bay, looking south we observe a flashing, pulsating strange green light.We never thought to pull out a camera , as it was unlike anything we had perviously observed while star gazing. just a strange light at that time.My girl friend pointed it out, then turned to light a smoke ,and in that time it started to move. in the time i said," look, it is started to move". tthe light traveled from south to west of our position. not too far over the bay, because before i knew it , it had passed directly over our heads with lightning speed. it was really hard to judge its speed and distance over our heads, with no reference points. what was really bizzare , was the sound which leads me to believe, it was not that high over our heads, maybe 150 feet, extremely fast, it shoots over our head towards the resort ,higher up from our position in front of the french restaurant ,at which point it made two right angle turns, i can only imagine was to avoid hitting resort, i can only presume, and than it vanished over top of the resort,bizzare .The best way to describe the sound was a soft brrrrr sound or better yet just like the sound on the jettsons years back ,best i can remember that.I myself, am in my 60'.S i asked around only person other than my girl friend that observed it ,was one of the staff selling time shares, i did not get his name ,asked him if he ever seen it before ,he replied that a couple of years earlier he managed to catch something similar on his iphone . i attached a photo of our view of the bay for reference. what strange is, it"s like it new we were observing it .

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Credit: MUFON

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