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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Nicholson, Pennsylvania on 2017-02-14 20:00:00 - Extraordinary bright star-like evolving into round object with a few hundred primary color lights

After dark i saw the same extra-ordinarily bright cross shaped star toward the west. been observing this star since the first of 2017. it is not like any of the other stars and that is what grabbed my attention. when outside for nightly cigarette i would look to see if this odd star was out. on nights when no other stars are out this star has been out. it is different from the other stars in that it is distinctly cross shaped and twinkled magnificently. this star would intensify in glimmer and appear to get larger in size each time i would go outside, find it and gaze upon it. in the last few days i've noticed a small red light at the bottom of this cross shaped star. tonight it was very large in comparison to the other very few stars out and again there was a red light at the bottom part of the star. i went inside my apartment but couldn't stay out of the window; i was drawn to the image because its light was intensifying. when i checked on the star again i was amazed! this star turned into a round circle with hundreds of red, blue, yellow, green and white lights in a grid pattern and the circle appeared to be changing it's size from small circle to a circle the size of as if you held out a nickel an arm's length away. the circle was coming closer and then would go back further and come closer again and then go back further. i observed this for about 4-5 minutes to make sure my eyes were seeing what my brain was telling me. i quickly put my shoes & coat on and ran outside to the spot where i always see the cross-shaped star that now turned into a circle of glowing colored lights. by the time i got out side the circle was back to a cross shaped star and a very small detached red & white circle was at the lower right side of the cross. that small circle then quickly shot to the east and it was gone. also approaching the cross shaped star was a smaller cigar shaped item and i know it was cigar shaped because there were colored lights that moved encircling its shape. that item went to the cross shaped star & i saw it no more. this is the first time i ever saw anything like this. i am a christian woman, i study the bible and i love jesus and father god with my whole heart. i just don't know what to say about what i saw tonight. i've never seen anything like this before and i did not think to film this entity. at least you have the location of the sighting and my account. i can't be the only one that saw this. thank you.

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Credit: MUFON

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