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Thursday, February 2, 2017

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Black Triangle Sighting in Artoice, ca, California on 1983-03-06 00:00:00 - Its size was about 1100ft or more thick like a wafer pymard with rotating lights around the edge it had white and blue flashes and hovered at a 35* slope by a ridge at the ranch. me and my wife that was pregnet woke up or came aware to look at the craft

My wife and i left the ranch in the evening to go get food, around 7pm. we had other errands to do also. then around 10:35 we left town on hwy162 heading west in the fog. we were driving slow and then turned north on a road when i noticed that this light turned out in a field that had no road and it was pacing us as we headed north so i asked my wife if she saw the lights. she said yes isent there a road out there? i said no!As i became very nervous. i knew that when we were going to turn left on rd 35 that we would meet these light that were hovering in the fog, down that road and wondering what i was going to see. well as we went down road 35 i could not see the lights any more and this is where idont remember driving home "18miles" i just remember setting in front of our house with my wife and she was not able to under stand what i was saying to here like confused. i could see above the house out in the field the black wafer trangle ship that was huge like 800-1000 feet long with lights at the edge that blinked in secqence around its hual quite quickly. it layed at a 35* angle and its point was at a 35*angle too. as i then told my wife to go in the house to get a better look at it, so she went around the house i stept out of the truck and left her running with the lights on. i was watching the craft and it started to slide sideways as if it was going to crash in to the ground it took off so fast that it looked as if it disappeared into the stars. "gone that fast". so i then went in to our house to look for my wife and she was standing in the kitchen in the dark frozen in fear still not knowing what i was talking about. the next day when i asked her about that flying ship she looked at me as if i was nuts!! so i kept it too myself untell now. needed to talk about that's all.

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Credit: MUFON

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