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Monday, February 20, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Wichita, Kansas on 2016-08-25 20:39:00 - Obvious flashing orbs of light, changing colors, directions, and shapes. sequence lasted at least 10 minutes. my girlfriend didn't see all that i saw and the cell phone camera picked up.

My girlfriend and i were sitting in my dining room on a beautiful summer evening. we had just finished our dinner and cocktails and i decided to put some music on my stereo. ironically, i put on pink floyd's compact disc entitled, "the wall." i glanced outside to the northwest when i saw some very bright and strange light formations flashing and moving strangely about. i work for an airline and know the shapes and sizes of common man-made aircraft.This phenomenon was none that i had ever experienced nor studied before. the moment was completely surreal and i began to question myself as to whether or not it was actually happening or had i consumed too much alcohol, causing me to perceive an skewed reality? i immediately exclaimed my shocking experience to my girlfriend, who was sitting across from me to the north east and could not see out of the window that i was viewing. she turned to view also and i immediately grabbed my samsung, galaxy 6 smart phone from my pocket and began video recording in the vertical position of the phone due to the fact that most of the light formations were occurring in an up and down plane. there was a nearby street light that was in the foreground and was my point of reference during the entire filming event. my girlfriend clearly saw the street light and was exclaiming throughout the audio of the video that "it was just a street light." i knew what i was viewing was not just a street light and i tried my best to keep the camera on the street light as a reference point with my right hand as i viewed the actual event with my own eyes. this is why on occasion that i didn't keep the main objects within the view finder of the camera. i remained astonished, joyful and thankful at my observations, as i have been enlightened to the ufo truth through the testimonies of the disclosure project of dr. steven greer and the subsequent testimonials that have occurred as a result of the movement. i had also become a big fan of hangar one which is obviously put out by mufon. i had even gone so far as to email jan harzan from mufon a few years ago, asking him how i might help get the truth out to the general public. i had no idea that i would experience not one but two separate and distinct ufo events within a 6 month duration. you see, this is the first of two events of significant unidentified aerial phenomenon that i have experienced personally here in wichita over that time span. the video speaks for itself. one other notation is that shortly after the incident began, my girlfriend and i walked outside into my back suburban yard and viewed the event unobstructed. my property sits adjacent to a public park where the ufo experience was taking place. also, in the earliest portion of the video, you will see a green laser light shining in the sky near the streetlight. it remains unclear to me as to whether or not the laser is from a neighborhood person shooting the beam into the sky or is it a part of the ufo phenomenon itself? i am hoping that mufon can enhance my raw video footage and aid my in determining whether or not this is an extraterrestrial event or a military light show that had occured in my neighborhood. i did not report this to local authorities for the fear of local ridicule and also for the potential of government harassment. i look forward to your experts viewing my video, questioning my experience and together investigating what we witnessed. my girlfriend is willing to submit her own report to the incident, should mufon require her testimony. i am sincerely telling the truth as i personally experienced it. dr. tony andrew wilbeck

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Credit: MUFON

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