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Thursday, February 23, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Vinton/utah, Iowa on 1972-05-26 00:00:00 - Dont know about outside, inside was metalic area w/ lots of buttons the first time, second time room was smoth with metalic table, others people there human

I was a cathlic youth, about seven or eight when i saw the first one. i thouth that it was an angle. it was high in the sky and very shiny. it didnt move and neither did i four minutes or so then it was covered with clouds and i went to school. second time, i was on a golf course, about fifteen years old. it hung is the western sky, it changed colors from silver to gold. took off very fast and that wa that. in the 1970s i was working in a town about fourty miles from waterloo. i had driven the same road four five years .On this one day as i was going around this set of hair pin curves an very bright hit mealmost instantly i went paralized.I remember floting over this fence w/ five or six small individuals on either side ofmenext thing i remember is laying on this metal table in a room with lots of buttons on the wall..The swmall individuals were around the table, then a taller skiny person came behind me and said that i wasnt right.He didnt speek but i could here his voice.From here i am not sure if i was taken into another room w/ two other people, or if this was a seperate event. ths event there were two people in the room siting on a metal bench about three feet away from me. i was naked on this table and was looking at thislady about in her mid thirties. she was looking me right in the eywe. she had a cotton dress, black socks and black shoes. the had dark eyes an;d dart short hair. the ezxpression of nere face was one of being lost. her husband i assumed was siting next to here with his arems on his knees. he was wearing a red and white shirt and a kent feed had on. than one of the small grays asked someone who i couldnt see if the wanted to take fluid samples it must o ben yes because in about four seecond i gave a discharge. that is all i rember of these experiances that day i experianced a burning sensation in my groin ares my left arm and the back of my neck. i h;ave tow small objects in my left arm. one i dug our when it was close to the serfice of my arm. it did not bleed as i would have expedid. insted there was a round ;hole where it had been. the other one is still in my arm. some times it is close to the serfices other times i can hardly see it. since then i have noticed severalother strange objects. it is almost that they know what i am thinking. i get this feeling whene the around. i start looking around and i will see somthing that is strange, lights and what ever. during a golf tournamen;t, i observed a round gold objein the sky. it just haan;ged there four about a minuted then ducked behin g a cloud back in two thousend 15 i was driving down the interstate, at 3.33/400 in the lmorning when this very britht light almost ram em off the road. when it turned withen aless than twenty feet from me it went between tow power poles and two very large pine trees. it was round in shape with markings on the portion that i could dee. there was one large light on the botton, going into the light were baffles like strusctures we went form the edge to the light. it was approximately thirty feet in diameter. round in nature. the next time i saw them were in back yard.Tow lights appearted and just sat motionlas four about five minutes. then one3 blinked and the other bli nked and they both went our.My last sight was on a flight from las vegas back ot iowa on alegia.This took place last year about ay or june we weere flyin in heavy cloud cover. i was looking out the window and thought that i has seen a round metalic disk about fifty feet below and on the left side of the air plain wing.I thought that i was imagening things, and as i watched. the craft turned side ways. it had nine or ten lights in a circle patern of about twenty feet. the lights were, and a shade of yellow,green, blue ,red. purple and orange. i watched the lights four about one minute. then the were gone.I am not sure if there are tracking me or this is in my head. but the dreams still come every so often.

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Credit: MUFON

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