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Monday, February 20, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Charlotte, North Carolina on 2017-02-21 12:02:00 - Its a few night in guilan and ... (state's of iran) saw a luminous object in the sky

Hello mufon . today 21 february 2017 . a few nights that people khorramabad, lorestan, gilan, saveh, sanandaj, kermanshah and other cities of the caspian sea and persian gulf have seen a luminous object in the sky that have released several videos part of the observations users in their own language 1- now you are light in the sky, all the barricades we saw road barricades koochesfahan 1 hour ago 2- i am rasht and say it saw in ziabari but the camera was very poor and i could not get anything ... surely not rocket i saw this object the last time you load the same street chen zm with my friend 23: 20 3- me and my lady saw. you've missed sunset lshkajan one of the city's villages. 4-  18:45 i saw the plane suddenly i thought he stayed motionless for a few seconds then said to himself, unfortunately i did not see because i thought it's my illusions 5- hi, we're from the sky gurab zarmikh clearly the brightest object we saw we thought that somebody air balloon and i wish the film got him khvahrmm of anzali had seen us almost 9: 30 pm this object we see, but my sister anzali 6: 30 the evening of the object had seen 6- we saw this object we set our jaw was slowly balvnh do not take pictures, but maybe something is terrorizing the people 7- hey, at 12 the sky is very clear hassan was seen, it was clear his ship off the lights with red, green, white, camera quality was not good for the film, was moving quickly toward rasht 8- hi i got this bright object in the sky after the city saw even to me this evening, but unfortunately i did not photograph 9- i had eaten almost 7 .Sat today saw october housing but my movie was not very good camera but i uploaded some videos , people record it sorry for my bad english

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Credit: MUFON

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