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Monday, February 6, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Pakenham, Ontario on 2017-01-13 19:48:00 - Three trail camera pictures taken at night over a 15 minute period. object observed had very brite lights and hovered over and maybe within the trees in an area where there are no people or houses below. never witnessed lights on this camera before.

I have been taking trail camera pictures of the wildlife in my backyard for over 6 years. i am using a bushnell trail camera. i noticed in three pictures on january 13 at 7:48pm to 8:03pm a very bright light moving over or within the tree tops. when viewed in quick sequence you can clearly see the path of the object. it appears to have individual lights on it when i zoom in using my laptop software. i have had this camera in the same location for years and can show thousands of day and night time pictures from this exact spot. the object appears in the first picture at 7:48pm. the second picture at 7:52pm the object has moved a little closer and you can see the individual lights better. the third picture at 8:03pm the object seems to be moving up and away to the top right of the frame. i worked as a restricted radio operator and a weather observer at an airport in the high arctic. i am used to identifying aircraft and weather phenomena. the object is hovering for 15 minutes so this is not a plane. there are no navigation lights that i can see nore did i hear a helicopter hovering over my back yard for 15 minutes. i have never seen any civilian or military helicopters acting in this fashion and there is nothing but forest below the object at this time and location. a drone comes to mind however this is a very bad location to be flying a drone over the forest and at night. there is nothing there but trees and i know the two closest neighbors and they do not own or fly drones at all. the nearest house other than mine and my two neighbors would be unlikely to fly a drone that far away,blind over the forest hovering for 15 minutes with powerful lights shining into the trees. it is hard to tell the size of the object but it appears to be large but i'm not sure. it makes no sense to me after all these years of taking pictures from this exact spot that someone would be flying a drone here at that time at night over the forest for 15 minutes. why my camera started taking picture is strange in its self. i would be happy to explain more as there is much more to tell. if you have any questions please ask. the camera will remain right where it is. thank you.

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Credit: MUFON

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