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Friday, February 17, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Galway, County Galway on 1986-03-01 00:00:00 - During uphill walk ufo came into view from behind houses. continued walking, ufo disappeared from view. backtracked, but ufo remained vanished.

The salthill ufo sighting, galway, ireland, 22nd february - 1st of march 1986 i am convinced i once saw an ufo, have never one since, and this is my account of this sighting. one early spring day i walked up a hill on my way to salthill beach. it looked liked it could rain, even though there were patches of blue in the sky. as i examined the clouds, to judge if it would rain soon, a cigar shaped object appeared in the sky between the roofs of a row of houses. as i continued walking the object moved in the sky relative to the position of the houses on the ground, due to the perspective. i made a stab at estimating it's distance. it hovered above the roof tops about one or two miles away, not moving. it's appearance and color made me think of a zeppelin. then i continued walking and the object disappeared behind the roof of a house and some trees, because i moved and the perspective changed. i expected to see it again where it should have reappeared, but it remained disappeared. then i walked back to where i had seen the object last, because this was strange. a slow moving blimp should still have been in about the same position in the sky. but the object was no longer there. all this happened within a few seconds. after i reached the top of the hill i walked down to the beach promenade, i could see that there was a lot of activity in claude toft park, next to the beach, it looked like a festival was going on. at the seafront i had a clear view of the whole sky, and i asked people about having seen a blimp or if balloons had been launched for the festivities, but no one had seen anything. i ran into a friend, who owned a local amusement arcade, and i asked him what was going on, and he told me it was "college week". he also hadn't seen any unusual activities in the sky, although he looked at me in a funny way when i asked him. horses were on show and riders did what they do best, they rode around in a small concourse that was set up. the sound of live music was in the air, or so it seems to me, college week came to a close on the 1st of march 1986. about two weeks after this i saw a headline in a magazine at a newsstand: "major ufo flap reported over irish coast and england". a large number of witnesses had seen ufo's and reported them. corroborative evidence that ufo's were active around ireland at the time, i found 30 years later. my particular sighting is not mentioned, but there were a number of reports. amongst them is the prince charles ufo from 23. feb. 1986. by coincidence a local artist and archaeologist decided 7 years later! to create megalithic-like stone circles in the location where i had seen the ufo. he timed and aligned the circles with the impact of the comet shoemaker levy 9 on jupiter. the artist had not known about my ufo sighting. two weeks after the sighting i dreamed of a struck alien vessel performing an emergency landing. i perceived coordinates in latitude and longitude. when i checked those in 1986 it turned out to be at disko island in greenland. this i followed up in 2016, and found on satellite images a shipwreck near those coordinates. this is at present going to be the destination of a expedition to the site in june 2016. what i found appears to be a conventional shipwreck, maybe norse in origin, or a whaler. so this ufo sighting from 1986 has some long-term effects.

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Credit: MUFON

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