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Friday, February 17, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Redlands, California on 2017-02-14 21:00:00 - Seen a pulsating orb in sky and got video camera phone object seem to get large and small coming closer and going backwards and moving around changing form got binoculars out and the inside was alive pulsating moving colored lights seemed lto be morphing

We were in the backyard feeding the fish in our pond and someone noticed it, all you had to do was look up in the sky and you couldn't miss it. after only a few minutes i knew it was a ufo this thing was pulsating and looked like it was getting bigger and smaller coming towards us in going away and moving around we got the binoculars and my iphone and was amazed at what this thing was doing when using binoculars wish i could explain what was going on inside the thing look like an egg yolk and white around the outside so it was round with the ring around it in the round part was doing all kinds of things like it was turning around ,moving around , hovering and most of all getting bigger and smaller either by coming closer and going farther or it just did it by itself with the binoculars on you could see blue colors brite red and what looked like flamesbut that was only with the binoculars , i was deeply moved by this , knowing what i saw in my view could be nothing other than a ufo or secret military and if that was the case we've gone a long ways without the public knowing it.Blown away is how i felt. i have not gotten over it yet and felt the need to share my video . after observing for at least 20 minutes half hour we all went inside and we kept looking out it was there and then it wasn't so i did not get to see it leave i wish i would have whether it took off or disappeared i do not know . please mute video there is alot o f profanity , i am 58 years old but they were all in their teens and early 20s

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Credit: MUFON

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