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Friday, February 10, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Lee's Summit, Missouri on 2017-02-03 18:52:00 - Several craft over venus

Several craft over venus at 6:52 pm on february 3rd, 2017 i was photographing the planet venus and experimenting with the focus by backing it out and causing the image to expand. in the past this has proven to be useful in seeing some detail which normally are not visible. this was true in mufon case # 66979 in which i was able to see the moons of jupiter after some image enhancement. i did not have an opportunity to download the images to my computer until six days later. while looking at three of the images, i noticed that there was some type of craft in the images. all told, i took seven images but the other four did not show the craft. so, i just happened to catch the craft as they were crossing the field of view of the image. interestingly, one can see a halo effect around the object, potentially resulting from a strong field. in image #1, the dark spot near 7 o’clock is enhanced in the four image 1 edits. also, one can see a white craft off of the face of venus near 1 o’clock. image #2 was taken 7 seconds later and one can see that the white craft from image #1 had crossed around to the right of the planet and is visible outside the rim of venus. there appear to be three other craft inside the rim of the planet. one is near 1 o’clock, another is not too far from the center of the image, and yet another is at 3 o’clock. image #3 was taken 31 seconds later from image #2. the object is located at 3 o’clock. this craft is much larger (or closer to the camera) than the three in the previous image—being 4 times larger. between the three images of venus above, i have identified 7 different craft. • two are visible in the first image. • in the second image one assumes that the white craft outside of the planet is the same as the one in the first image, plus there are three new ones. • in the third image there is a craft that is four times larger. since there is no way to know the distance to these objects, calculating their size is not available. the reason that i was out that evening was to photograph venus because of the sighting that two friends of mine had of a craft (or several craft) over venus on monday evening of that same week. there is a very big difference in what was observed however. that sighting (mufon case # 81920) had craft that were rapidly morphing, multi-colored, and visible to the naked eye. there is also a very real possibility that the craft in that case was covering up the real planet venus. the only reason that i saw craft in these photos is that i blew up the image using the change in focus, and then further enlarged the images on the computer. i saw nothing particularly interesting as i snapped the photos. the other significant difference is that my friends were very amazed at the brightness of what they took to be a planet. the planet venus that i was shooting with my camera did not look especially different from any other time that i have seen the planet. there are three colors to the craft observed. image #1 has a small black sphere in the southern area of venus that initially drew me to investigate it. on further editing the image i became aware of the white craft above venus. there are also craft that are somewhat translucent in images #2 and #3. both the black craft and the translucent craft appear to have a field of some kind of field surrounding the spheres because it creates a perfectly round “halo” effect surrounding them.

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Credit: MUFON

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