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Friday, February 17, 2017

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Black Triangle Sighting in Caterham, on 2017-02-17 18:52:00 - Bright orange solid lights, slowly moving along the sky, in a giant triangle but synchronised or tips of a triangle. silent! an aeroplane approached and it change direction as sending higher to avoid on coming airliner, airliner much faster than ufo

walked out of tesco with some shopping, noticed to my left above a building a large bright fixed orange light in the sky. the sky was completely clear and stars visible, this was not a star. it was much much lower approx 500 ft above ground and moving. as it slowly progressed above the car park it was followed by another, which appeared to be the tip of a giant triangle, behind the triangle was another single orange light. as if a ufo was escorting the huge triangle and then followed at the rear by another escort. it was huge! it moved so slowly and took about 5 minutes to cross the sky, completely silent. the black area in the triangle was solid black. could no longer see any stars! i had time to take a few pictures and a short video, although typically the quality (iphone7) didn't match what i could see with my eyes. i just stood there in awe, others also were watching. to my right i started to hear an aeroplane coming which was now the only sound in the sky. the front of the triangle began to go higher out of my view, shortly followed by the rear as the aeroplane got closer. it was like it was avoiding the aeroplane. it dwarfed the airliner! the airliner flew across the now clear sky with sound and stars visible and at much faster rate of speed. the triangle was so large, and just slowly hovering along there is no way it could be a conventional aircraft. we are very close to gatwick airport and see and hear aeroplanes all the time. this was not an aeroplane. if mufon want to contact me that will be great, my occupation will show how reliable a source i am. this is amazingly exciting stuff! awesome

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Credit: MUFON

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