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Friday, February 17, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Llantrisant, Wales on 1968-10-31 03:00:00 - Young kid in st.Lainto like conifer bushes.Wrence,hosp,asked to come outside,blue cold seen.Walked from ward

I was about 8yrs,i cut my left hand index finger with sharp knife severing tendons. local doc stitched me up. weeks later doc referered me to consultant because i could not bend my finger.I was seen by a doc schofield.I was then subjected to four operations to transfer/graft tendon tissue from my left arm to affected/severd area of my finger.I was in hosp. for six weeks a time.This was 50 fifty years ago.St lawrence hospital,chepstow,at that time was a 8 eight-10 ten hour bus ride for my parents.My family were all from coal miners and very poor.On my last op. i was in denbyshire ward at the south edge.A nurse who looked after me was called suzy wingwong.When i asked other nurses what her name meant i was told that she alwayc calls the wrong number on the internal phones, ah so we calls her suzy wingwong cos she,s from china. suzy told me one night that it is going to be blue cold in the morning and to wear my bed socks.I had always walked around bare foot or slippers.Bed socks was for the posh boys.The wake-ups were always 6.Am,was,breakfast,go back to bed if you want.But me wearing my normal socks to bed was unusual.I remember waking up in the middle of the night and sort of asked to come out and see the blue cold.I remember opening the ( french style )cast iron doors after walking across the ward from my bed.I had my socks on and walked into the blue misty glow.I wasn't freightened.A man in a white all over cover,like a frogmans suit,only his face was naked and he looked oriental took me by the hand and said wow arnt you cold you had beter get back in bed and go to sleep,i will shut the doors.I remember walking across the ward and diving into bed.6.Am came i was woken up by another nurse . we kids had to pull our blanketand sheet off before we went for a wash and breakfast.Well i remember the fuss when the nurse discovered my socks covered in grass and mud and a trail leading from the doors to me! the doors were found to be bolted shuttop and bottom and the lock was key locked. the caretaker,maintenance men and night shift was all called to explain how all this could have happened.Everyone had an excuse. they were all mortified.Then they asked me.So i told them the above in my way. doors were not changed,the windows 8ft up remained closed. i asked about suzy.I rememberfeeling so sad.She had been moved to another hospital. that is the start of my contact.In 1985 i had a tumble at work and was taken to a+e. they xrayed my left hand and said did you land on anything sharp or needle like i told them no it was a soft rubber belt about a yard wide and 20 yards long.So the doctor showed me the xray photo and examined me an said you have something inside you by your scars on your left index finger. i told him it was an accident when i was a kid. the doc. told me they didn't use foreign objects at that time because of infection and rejection by my body.There was no wound on my hand or puncture marks.I still remember this doc. walking away scratching his head. this above would not be my only encounter with my friendly oriental follower.,,,,,,,,,,,more to come if you are interested.

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Credit: MUFON

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