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Sunday, February 26, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Georgia on 2017-02-12 10:32:00 - A hat i was wearing did this

I don't think that aliens did this, but i am special because someone, or something gave me someone else's vessel, it could have been an alien's, but i don't know. i thought for a long time that this was normal, until i realized that nobody else can do this. i have special abilities that happen, and i don't know how. it just happens. i have no control over it. it happens very rarely, but please put this on tv, just please don't mention my heart, if you do, that is ok, and i understand. i am a normal kid except for my heart, and i also half brother who is two and a half times as old as me, but we think almost the exact same. i was having fun at scout sunday and i was hot and i took off my boy scout hat and i tossed it like frisbee to by full brother, who was sitting criss-crossed and when it reached him, it hovered for a whole second before dropping right in his lap. this isn't the only time something has happened. also i have have teleported from one side of a bench to another. also, a smore's pizza appeared while i was staring out the restaurants window, recently, i have perfectly predicted the future this happens all the time, i have the force because i can close my eyes in a busy hallway and walk with ease without hitting anyone including myself, i am great at blending my voice into a crowd, i have someone else trying to take over my brain, it might be consience but this voice tries to get me into trouble, so i don't think so. maybe i'm paranormal? i have also moved objects before. i never lost sight of the object, but after it happens, nothing seems to make it special. no wings or anything to make it do that. it never happens to other people, and i'm the only person i know who can teleport. it happens once every year or two. i don't know how, and i have never seen a ufo personally. so you tell me. thanks. just please, don't use my name, nobody knows / truly understands that i can do all of this and that i have abilities.

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Credit: MUFON

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