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Friday, February 10, 2017

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Black Triangle Sighting in Villa del Rey 3, 3F3 Mona, on 2017-02-10 20:15:00 - Sighting opposite to the partial lunar exlipse, clear/no clouds.

Coming out of a local supermarket. the same is on a small elevation (small gill). what called my attention was its brightness, size and its colors. it is triangular in shape. it reflects three colors. the top portion emits a red color, the bottom right hand corner emits a royal blue color. the middle portion is a bright white color. underneath of this shape is a small/wide "u" shape. it seemed detached from the main body. no sound was heard, nor there was no other aircraft in the area. i used a regular binocular to see if i can see more details, but just the general shape and colors were observed. i focused my eye sight by looking at stars within the general vicinity. to my surprise when you observe other celestial bodies in this case stars you see how the light they emit is refracted as a result of the light passing through our atmosphere. the entity observed did not do this. it was a steady light emission mainly the red and blue colors. i do not think it was the international space station. normally, the local news will inform when the same is visible and what the heading is when passing overhead. upon arrival at the house i climbed to the roof and continued its observation. it was then when i noticed that the colors (red & blue) were interchangeable. the top portion will change from red to blue and vice-verse. i finally lost track after the same went behind the island's central mountain range. these observations occurred between 08:00pm to 09:))pm (2000 to 2100hrs.)if requested, i am willing to submit a sketch/drawing of this entity and a map diagram of where it was hovering.

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Credit: MUFON

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