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Friday, February 17, 2017

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UFO Sighting in New York, New York on 2016-02-17 18:09:00 - Looking north from my window observed oblong stationary bright red object which blinked out in front of my eyes!

I was about to draw my curtains when i noticed a bright red oblong object just hovering in the sky to the north. i have lived here for years and i've never seen a light in that area before. at first i thought it was a construction site crane with a light at the top but the light was too wide,then i thought it was a tower but no towers are built overnight.I looked at my cable box and the clock said 6:09pm. i tried to make sense of this..No navigation lights,hovering,no noise so it wasn't a helicopter,it wasn't a plane,it was not flares! no blinking lights,no pulsating lights,no flashes,no nothing but just hanging there..A bright red oblong light in the sky!I kept my eyes glued to this thing cause i didn't want to miss if it made any sudden moves in any incredible fashion until it blinked out in front of my eyes!! my eyes widened and my heart started pounding..I ran into the living room to tell my mom who was watching tv..By the way the time on the cable box read 6:20pm! i'm still a little freaked out as i'm writing this..I keep looking out my window! another point i want to make is that my building and window is in a departing and arriving flight path to laguardia airport and during my sighting there was air traffic in the general area of this thing and also in the path of a few departing flights! they must've seen this thing ..No doubt about it! can you guys inquire at the control tower at laguardia? i'm not going to do it..They'll think i'm nuts! i also called my sister upstate cause she had an experience with my niece and her friend here in the bronx about 15 years ago! i've had other strange sightings before but i felt compelled to write to you guys this time cause that sucker just blinked out in a millisecond in front of my damn eyes!I hope this report helps you in anyway and if you have any other questions just feel free to call my cell and let me know if you guys find out anything about laguardia and other witnesses...I would love to know! p.S.- one more thing..I tried to take a picture with my cell phone but it was too dark and too far away to pick up anything!

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Credit: MUFON

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