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Thursday, February 9, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Naperville, Illinois on 2017-02-08 22:26:00 - Terrifying, but heartwarming.

Like the classic film scooby doo 2: monsters unleashed, my experience was both utterly terrifying, but surprisingly heartwarming. i was in my backyard, standing there, like i do every night around 10pm, when suddenly i heard this really weird sound, and i looked up and what the heck! it was this giant thing that was like really big! i was spooked! spooked my socks off! the next thing i knew, i was surrounded by this warm light, except i don't remember what color the light was, just that it was bright and tickled my jimmies. then, the light was gone, and i was in this room. i saw this being, it was like he was my good man michael jordan he was so freakin tall! but anyways he and this other guy who wasn't quite as tall were like staring at me, and that's when i realized i was in a glass box! at least i think it was glass. or a box. they had taken off my socks, so my socks were literally scared off. my feet were exposed and were really cold. like really cold. like really really cold. like elsa. or ice age: the meltdown but not meltdown yet. anyways the guys lookin at me were like laughing i think. suddenly my clothes appeared on their bodies. my i <3 ny shirt and my hot topic harley quinn leggings were being adorned by all three of us. one of them was wearing my socks, that had pictures of lil froggies on them. i never got those back. they were making fun of me i think. one of them stuck his tongue out and then licked the barrier between us and then my stomach made a really loud noise because i hadn't eaten since the gogurt i had before going outside and that when the socks were spooked off of them! they were scared and then pulled a lever and i blacked out again. i woke up without pants on but all three pairs of clothing were scattered around the area. still no socks though. hope i find them! are you guys like alien hunters? could you get my socks back? i miss them. they were my favorite. they're family heirlooms and it'd be really cool for them not to be on jupiter or somethin. thanks!

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Credit: MUFON

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