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Saturday, February 25, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Glasgow, Scotland on 1977-07-18 02:00:00 - I saw it move over a building and project a blue light which seemed to be xraying the occupents. i shouted and waved my arms to get it's attention. two other people saw it come over me and they said that i disapeard in a white light.

Walking home around 2am from a friends house, i saw what looked like a shuttle from star trek. it was larger than a car, white on top and bottom with a row of lights on it's middle. it was moving without sound over the roof tops of buildings and as it traced the roofs, it shone a intense blue beam which i took to be measuring or xraying flats below. a couple where walking up the other side of the street going in the opposite direction from me. as i shouted and waved for the attention of the craft, the couple saw it too. at that time, the object shone a light on me and moved over head. i am not sure exactly what happened but i found myself standing further back from where i was and the couple had gone. i continued with my walk home and found that a walk which usually took twenty minutes had taken forty. the following morning was sunday and one of the glasgow news papers, (the sunday post,) had a story of an ufo being seen in clarkston which is a suburb on the south of glasgow. the description was the same as i had seen but my location was in the colston area on the north end of the city. a week or so passed and while walking down the same road, the two other people saw me and came running to ask me what had happened that night. they said that the last time they saw me, i was taken in a beam of white light. although i am not sure what happened exactly, i have a memory of meeting human people who told me that they where clones which had been produced to withstand the extremes of space travel. it was then that a door at the front opened and the gray who was in charge came out. i'm don't know if that is a true memory or one which was implanted. i have heard other people say that they where abducted on t.V. and they told a similar story. i still have no clue what really happened that night and i don't know how to unravel the truth.

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Credit: MUFON

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