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Friday, February 24, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Carbeth near Glasgow, Scotland on 1997-07-20 00:00:00 - We watched a group of star-like lights doing crazy manouveres

I was staying in a log cabin with my then partner in a little place called carbeth near glasgow .The cabins had no electricity or running water so we had to collect water from an outside tap and collect firewood and so on .Anyway it was around midnight when my ex partner went outside to bring in firewood for the morning from our supply when he came rushing back inside excitedly saying "come here quickly ,you have to see this "it was unlike him to act like this so i got up and followed him outside .He was looking straight upwards at the sky and i followed his gaze and at first i couldn't see what he was talking about .The night sky was beautiful to look at because carbeth has no street lights or city lights so the stars seem brighter but then he pointed and i focused and it was then i saw it or rather them .In amongst the twinkling stars there were a group of them moving in a co-ordinated fashion .I have tried to describe them to people over the years and the nearest description to the way they moved was like ,you know when you look through a kaleidescope and turn it ? ,well very similar to that .They were very high up in the sky and looked just like the surrounding stars except these were not stars .I have no idea what they were all i know is that i have never seen anything like it before or since ,it was as if they were putting on a display ! i'm guessing that because of how high up they were that they were quite far apart from each other but yet the really weird thing was that they were perfectly in time with each other .Like they all would stop and change direction at exactly the same time .It actually made the hairs on my neck stand up because i know we don't even have space craft that can do what these things were doing .To this day i'm baffled by it .We watched them for i don't know how long but until my neck got sore from looking up ,then eventually we went inside to go to bed but i couldn't sleep ,i couldn't stop thinking " what was that ?"i got up again around an hour later and looked outside again and after a few seconds i spotted them again ,in exactly the same place ! i will never forget what we saw that night .It has made me believe that some intelligence ,something that we don't yet understand exists out there .I saw it with my own eyes .

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Credit: MUFON

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