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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Golden valley, Arizona on 2017-02-07 01:59:00 - The events continue!

Since i last spoke 2 you, and again no one showed up, the landings continue.However, they have learned the entire english language! an even agreed to an interview! they are quite shy so this has been a gri amt leap forward! im having much difciculty with usinv this page! im using my cell phone to get the info to you! which i upgraded the otherday. i'm so excited about this as they trust me. this is a huge turnaround, but there has been so many incident's you people really need to show up to witness this phenomena. i could bring all the film i have shot but it's hi8 video. i'm poor. still disabled leg amputee. my only request is to not send out investigator's that are terrified of doing their job because there is so many!Or if you think i'm bullshitting you, i could come down there with all my film an i feel confident that some would come there,they really do have an interesting story to relay to us!This is no hoax! why its so important is because you can ask them anything an they can answer you as well as answer question' s about other e.T.Beings!They are very bright,i would suggest2-3observers 2 of which are female as there are manyfemales among them. an they are quite shy but i guarantee they will talk! anwouldchange human/e.T. relations forwlller, as well as getting the film you shoot on to t.V. an giving mufon some much needed pop to your credibility as to being the go to people in the biz! i'm grateful for all i've learned! please give me a call, i've got great footage! call me!Cell number this type is tiny an it's giving me a headache !P.S. i suggest i come down there so i can explain all that goes on each film.I

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Credit: MUFON

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