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Friday, February 10, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Grant, Michigan on 2016-07-08 17:42:00 - Metallic sphere hovered above power lines.

July 8th-2016, 5:42pm central time. bright shinny silver/ metallic spherical object, perfect round in shape. hovering above power lines & excavating pits out back. between pond & farm house. object stayed stationary for several seconds. i took several steps forward to finish stepping out from under cover of the large oak tree by pump, west side of pond. as i did this, it shot off at a extremely high rate of speed to the point it was too difficult to see the objects trail that you would normaly see, like say a jet flying by super fast. the object resembled a exersize ball in size. the ones you see at the gym or physical therapy centers. they are roughly 4-5x's the size of a basketball. the sphere was shinny as well. it looked as if you had taken a exersize ball and wrapped it with aluminium foil, completely seamless with no ridges or lines. the sphere hovered several feet above power lines for approximately 10 seconds. as i reached for my i-phone to attempt to take a photo, it took off so fast, i couldn't even tell which direction it went. i had gotten a strange one with the world feeling several seconds before the sighting. the feeling was as if a thought was given to me, or a idea at least; "to look up". the last time i'd gotten a feeling anything close to that was when i drowned for 5 min then given cpr and revived. there is much much more to life then meets the eye.

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Credit: MUFON

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