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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Lincolnton, North Carolina on 1992-05-04 03:15:00 - I awoke after having just dozed off when i felt a pulsating feeling inside me. i saw lights blacked out. awoke to damaged trees burned ground and security lights on poles turned backwards

It was a spring night i had just went to sleep around 2am. i started feeling weird and a dream started about vibrations first it was like watching water on speakers then it became more a feeling then a dream. it felt like it was getting stronger or closer. it got my heartrate upand woke me up. i had heart problems so it didnt really alarm me. but once awake could hear it in my mind feel it through my body. yet i heard nothing. i felt like iwas being summoned. i sat up on my knees to look out my second story windows when light so bright and blinding that it want like light at all it was like energy. i felt so connected to it and would have ran out the house after it parents at the time be damed. but i didn't. apparently i passed out. because when i awoke i was tucked into my bed tightly. something my parents never did. it was like the bed was made up around me. my hands where laid one one the other over my heart and my feet crossed with my toes intertwined. part of me felt like i should be scared but i didnt. i felt happy for the first time in a long time. i felt renewed and focued in a way i had sense i was much younger. i crawed out the bed long before the alarm for school went off. i bathed and went on about getting ready for school. i didnt think about the light or what happened i just seemed to be almost floating with hope and purpose. as i went out the walkway to the driveway i notised tree branches broken some on the ground some hanging from the trees. i wondered what happend. the closer i got to it the pulsing inside me came back. i could hear the buss comming so i took off to catch it. when i got home people were there looking at the trees and the ground and the security power pole that held a light. our farm was 516ac. this area was between the house and the barn. the first circle i saw was burned into the ground. all the grass was dead in these three circles one around 21 ft with straight bars deviding it in three sections. the others were slightly smaller but left the exact same burn patterns. i asked my guarden mom what was going on. she asked if i had anything to do with it. i said absolutly not. people were taking soil samples measuring the marks and taking pictures. mom pointed out that the light that was bolted to the pole was turned all the way around to the other side. making that whole area dark at night. a man in a suit asked me if i saw or heard anything. i said no becauae mom gave me that look that said dont speak. i was sent into the house and shortly my guardian father arrived and ran the people off. a artical was wrote in the lincoln times news paper about it possibly being a ufo. my parents refused to allow anyone else on the property and we were told not to speak about it. because it didnt happen. his words didnt change the fact that for the next 20 years it still didnt grow grass. my guarden father is dead now and his wife still owns the property. my husband and i maintain it for her. to this day i have never spoke of my account of what happened. the event changed me and i dont belive for a moment its been the only time. i have physic abilities and have for as long as i can remember. i am a spiritual leader and ordained minister. i was suposed to be a lawyer or doctor and merry someone from the upper sections of life. i chose a differnt path. a life of sacrifice and devotion to the opening and awaking of human minds and connection to their soul within. i know this path is a direct result of my connection to other beings and other worlds. i started remembering past lives and seeing energy and even amplfied other ablites i already had. i stared seeing plant and animal energies and feeling a heartbeat connected to earth. i remember in the early 80s while living on the streets in tampa fla seeing and going through something similure. i would love to talk with someone about these events. i hope to recieve a email back. thank u for reading

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Credit: MUFON

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