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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

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Alien Encounter in Ulft, Gelderland on 2015-04-12 00:00:00 - Came fliying by hovert 3sec and than fast away

The first time i was 7 years old that was the firts time i saw the ufo , now i am 38 years old and in 3 years i had 3 incouters the ufo was hoveling above the haus i now that because i heart that sound and i was 2 ouhrs gone of the time and for me it feld like 5 min . that is not all we move,d in that 3 years threa time,s to 3 different lokationts in threa different city,s and by all the hauses we heart that noise and had efrey time 2or 3 ouhrs gone in the middle of the night . and afther that happend i was depressd and had no life left in me and that i had for over 1 year long . i think it was because of the radiotion , now i becoming my strengt back , and i saw a littilte helper ( like a midget ) they do the work for the bigger et they are green/ichs whit big black eyes and i notist that when the ufo came the first time that i can call them ... by praying like to god / butt then to them and then they came 3 or 4 monts later by our house so i consider them as my frends , i was all ready fealing sick before they came and ok when they left the last time it was even worhs . butt now i fealing better and better !!! maybe i had canser and dindt even now about it butt it was not for notting that they came by and i wil contact you when they come by ...I see them as my frends and my english is not so great butt i now what i saw and what i heart and feld and i now thears more in the gallexie we are not alone and not all the et are nice just like on earht thear are nice one,s and there are bad one,s and i live not alone in this hause so she also heart and feld that ... p gerrits signing out

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Credit: MUFON

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