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Thursday, February 16, 2017

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Alien Encounter in Edmonton, Alberta on 2017-02-10 00:00:00 - The only one i entered was in a hanger with 10 or more others in the hanger of the ship

I don't know for sure what happened, but i think i woke up during an abduction. on feb 11 2017 i woke up with blood in my ear and didn't feel like i had slept at all and when i went past my daughters room it felt like i was struggling to remember something important and it was like i was trying to reconstruct the day before like after a night of drinking (i do not drink) and then it was like a flood when i was in my car looking at the dash board. i remembered looking down at a console of lights inside a ship. then it was a flood of information. starting with waking up in a room naked with gray tall beings. the room smelled like citrus and soap. the closest one to me had a pad or device and spoke like a aboriginal canadian from the east then a intercom or sound system translated it as "he's awake, the suppression is in no longer effective, the inhibitors is failing" at first i couldn't move then i could. summing up the rest. they were kind and some what apologetic they were supersized i was able to think and move, they told me not to be afraid and they would explain as long as i didn't get violent. (all translated over the speakers)they showed me a vaguely human like girl and said she was my daughter of about 14 years old. we talked, that i was taken so she could understand why she was born and why i wasn't part of her life. on an impulse i took her and ran and she came along. we left into the hall and around some corridors before i stopped at a wall computer that had a map showing. and tried to read it, she said we can't leave and if i would just relax she would explain everything. i told her i was going to take her home, if i could find a way out of here. we ran a bit more meeting no resistance and even some grays in the corridors just stepping out of the way until we came to a porthole or window. i stood there and looked out seeing myself and hers reflection then the dark side of the moon then earth in the far ground. i asked if this was a dream, she said no, and that i couldn't leave unless they let me. she took me walking this time to a hanger with dozens of cessna sized disks shiny metallic gold plated or reflective surfaces. we went on board and i could access the consoles and controls but when i asked if it was thought controlled she said yes, and i wasn't able to activate the engines but if i would be willing to talk she would see i was sent home. we left the craft and there were the same grays with a few more with what looked like stun batons. the leader asked i understand you are confused you probably have questions. i just asked why did you make her? why do you do this? he paused and said, (with the speaker translation)"because our genetic bonding enzymes are breaking down and yours are compatible, we are left with the choice of harvesting yours and incorporating it to reinforce our own structures or giving up and resigning ourselves to genetic sterility" i got angry and said they had no right (far angrier then i should have been) and he/ it calmly said "you do the same thing with animals for harts, lungs livers and blood, you find a genetically compatible species and your people use it to there advantage. this is no different except we don't kill you to get it and don't eat the failures." i then asked why us? he paused and responded "your resilience has a rare component to it, your people have a dynamic adaptive response to changes in your environment, if you can't adapt in week then you adapt in a generation or two. your genetics store information well beyond the need and activate old structure pairings when the environment demands them." i clarified , our immune system changes to whatever threat its been exposed to and then passes it on to others. he nodded agreement. he added the comment "you have no idea what you have been exposed to in the past and were not even effected" this exchange went on for a while before i asked if he was going to erase my memory, he said they were going to try but they didn't understand how i regained consciousness, but that is was happening more and more. he also said we are not your enemy, there are others who protect earth but there are a few that are poaching humans.

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Credit: MUFON

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