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Saturday, February 18, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Jefferson, Wisconsin on 2009-06-10 00:00:00 - Very large, silent, black, small one window, two sets of wings, red detailing, low flying

In roughly early june 2009 my younger brother and i were in our back yard playing. we were both in elementary school at the time making some details fuzzy to remeber but together we've decided to come out about our story. as i was saying we were in our backyard when my younger brother pointed out a "kite" to me in the far distance skimming the tree tops. but as it got closer we realized it wasn't a kite. it was the most massive plane that we had ever seen in our entire lives. it was completely silent and flew very low. it was immense with two sets of black wings the set in the front appearing shorter and more stubby than the set at its rear. it slowly came from the northwest over a neighboring house and slowly inched over our heads and over atop our house we ran around the front of our house to watch it fade away into the southeast. from behind we could get a clear view of the lack of any steam leaving the plane and no type of writing or numbering on it either just black with some red detailing and a minuscule window in the very front. this plane like object was much slower and low flying than the average plane it kept a perfectly steady diagonal path going straight ahead of itself. the creepiest thing about the plane wasn't the lack of windows or how silent it was but the feeling it gave us. it made me feel like i had to run after it to see where it was going and i became so obsessed with it i drew images of it and i even got a family members involved who was a retired air force veteran, police officer, and fbi agent. finding out what the plane was consumed me even when i was so young. this same day we saw another plane. we had seen the first large black plane around 9-9:30 and the second one came about half an hour later. it was a bright white plan the same immense size and the same build but without the red detailing this time. it flew over from the east and once we caught glimpse of it; it made an abrupt turn to its right going into a tree line where we lost view of it for a matter of seconds and then it came back out continuing on its straight path from east to west. it was slightly faster than the one we had just seen prior and its movements were much more peculiar. it was the exact same plane though. the same silent sinister feeling. the same tiny window that looked laughable considering the size of the plane. the same thing happened again we went into our back yard and lost it over some trees and we've never had an experience such as that again. there was something just disturbing and off putting about the plane like objects we saw that day. they felt uncomfortable and wrong and just still to this day give me a bad taste in my mouth. i still feel drawn to them though and i feel disappointed that i still do not know what i saw. it's been almost 8 years now and the fact that i still feel squeamish and upset telling this story makes me wonder what were those planes for? who was flying them? were they intending to hurt us? and if so, why?

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Credit: MUFON

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