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Friday, February 10, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Suffolk, Virginia on 2012-03-01 15:40:00 - Visible object appeared & vanished after 14 min of partially rotating, pulsating, changing size, shape & brightness - occurred indoors - no explanation found

This object appeared on the wall of my bedroom, just above a ne window. the date was march 1, 2012 at approx 3:30-3:40 in the afternoon, est. it was a clear, sunny, unremarkable day, and the temperature was relatively mild for that time of year. i have not previously reported this event to anyone for fear of ridicule. in addition, i have only shared the photos with one other person in hopes of finding a logical explanation. i am coming forward now, for i have since experienced 2 more events. the most recent experience was last night (february 9, 2017) around 11:30pm, est outside my window, above my home and was much larger and more intimidating in scope. this object "appeared" directly in front of me on the wall above the window frame without sound or any other visible or audible warning. it was a quiet day, i was sitting on my bed reading when an object caught my eye. it was odd enough (orange-colored mass) that i remember trying to figure out what is was (as it was slowly and steadily throbbing and growing) and where it was coming from. there was only a long narrow framed picture behind me and only one other window at a direct right angle to where i was sitting. i wondered for a moment if this could've been a prank of some sort, but how could someone possibly create what i was seeing, much less have it reflected on the wall in front of me without access behind me. besides, the house sits quite a ways back from the road, is shaded by many trees and shrubs and i would've seen if anyone was outside. no one was there. still, i was thinking that maybe something from somewhere was bouncing a reflection off the picture behind me and casting an image on the wall. but that didn't explain the movement or the 'growing' and changing of the object that was now occurring. i grabbed my phone (my first iphone) which i knew little about. for whatever reason, the camera was in "video" mode and i just wanted to take a picture. being in a hurry to capture what i was witnessing, i decided to hold it on the object until i could see how to take a picture instead of a video, thus the reason behind a :30 second shot. hindsight of course makes me wish i had left it on video, but i did not. so i took pictures as it changed, to try and show what i was seeing. i also tried to keep the corner frame of the window in the pictures for scale. what i saw..... as the object throbbed and grew, it stretched and rotated into what reminded me of the shape of a jellyfish, with a dome-like top with long white wispy tentacles that were sometimes 3 individual 'legs' and at other times seemed to join together to form an outline into a shape that looked like the corner of a bent wire clothes hanger. the center of the dome was glowing with an intense vibrant orange with multiple white light 'dots' that were located on either side of this nucleus. the outer circumference was opaque yellow and more of a transparent smoke-like substance. as i watched, this object, throbbed and grew then diminished not only in size, but in intensity of color and brightness as well. the most astounding feature was when the tentacles below separated into 3 parts and spun beneath the upper portion. i was in awe. never in my life have i seen an object like this. this spinning did not seem to accelerate neither lift nor brightness in the object, nor mobility of any kind. it would rotate rapidly, then slow down and return to dangling random pulsating tentacles. as much as i was in awe and completely spellbound during this experience i couldn't help but wonder what is was and why was it in my bedroom. was it spiritual? was this godly? was this an angel? was this alien contact of some kind? was it going to speak? was this a probe? was there a message? clearly it was going to have to grow a lot more if i was expected to take a ride. and also came the question why me? what was the message here? it came and went with no residue and no visible sign that it had ever been there. i will say that i felt at peace the entire time. i did not feel threatened. i did not feel that it was going to harm me in any way. i just don't understand why it 'presented' itself to me at all. i am not fanatical about religion, but am broad in my religious experience and acceptance of other beliefs and am myself a christian. i am not a scientist, but am usually fairly logical and seek to find an explanation of this object. maybe it was just a probe to see if i was open to the idea of future contact? if this was contact, they did a poor job, for i am left with no message. however, i think they are back and i get the feeling their intentions may involve more interaction than before. the unknown can be a little unnerving and i am trying not to be fearful. i can only hope that i am able to report back with a positive experience if they intend more interaction - for this last visit on feb 9, 2017 was with a much larger object.

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Credit: MUFON

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