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Saturday, February 4, 2017

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Black Triangle Sighting in Smithfield, North Carolina on 2016-12-17 17:20:00 - A visual sighting of a triangular craft in the sky above smithfield, nc

I was climbing a ladder on the gable side of my house when i noticed some white objects (lights) (initial thought was snow geese) in a v formation at a glance. it is not unusual to see geese flying in this formation. however, i realized that the v was moving in an opposite direction from the apex (or point) of the v. immediately, the lights on the edge of the craft went out leaving the perimeter of a tringular craft visible with one bright light observed at each corner of the craft. at this moment it must of been nearly stationary before the three bright corner lights dimmed and the craft began to move as though it was gliding on air. there was no sound heard from the craft and once it began to move it disappeared within a couple of seconds. total time of the sighting 6 to 8 seconds. the time that evening was approximately 5:20 pm. i remember the sun had set and the moon was beginning to rise but there was still enough light in the sky to see the perimeter of the craft just before the 3 lights dimmed. i am not sure of the size of the craft, but it appeared to be a couple of thousand feet in the air. the craft appeared larger than any small aircraft that i have observed fly at that estimated height in this area. i do remember feeling startled once i saw how quickly the craft moved and disappeared.

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Credit: MUFON

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