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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Pembroke, New Hampshire on 2016-08-11 01:03:00 - Shadow of entity gets my attention as it walk away from me. i turn to see, there is no figure, but a giant white orb over the trees.

August night 2016, i spent three hours star gazing. it felt like i was coming back into nature and getting in touch with her again. after some time of staring off into the stars i looked down to see these tiny moths fluttering above the grass. i felt a powerful and harmonious connection and thought "this is what it must be like for the extraterrestrials to watch us." it was at that exact moment i saw a shadow of a very tall person walk away from behind me. i clearly made out the head, the arm sway, and the ambulation of the legs in the movement of the shadow. i felt no fear but was curious because people around me all have children and are older; i am out late often and haven't seen any of my neighbors out that late since i lived there. when i turned to see who it was walking from behind me i saw no being at all. instead i saw a white luminescent orb closer than i have ever seen one. it was slightly behind the trees behind the house across from me. as soon as i put my gaze on the orb, it began moving to the right and then in the blink of an eye vanished. this is the fourth time i have seen a white orb from my house. i have seen another since. sometimes they move across the sky, with slight movements up and down and then disappear. another time they moved in a half oval, stopped, appeared to flatten, then shot off at rapid speed and disappeared. and sometimes they will appear for just a brief moment in a stationary position and then collapse back in on themselves. i have seen others white orbs, including a black craft, and an orange orb at different locations. the majority are at my house.

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Credit: MUFON

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