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Sunday, February 5, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Senecaville, Ohio on 2016-08-27 21:45:00 - Looked out the front door and saw 5 red orbs moving in the sky.

I was at my sister's house with my brother and sister. at 9:45 pm et on august 27 2016 i stepped out of the front door and to my astonishment saw 5 red orbs moving slowly over a mile away coming from below the horizon line against a ridge slightly toward my position on a clear dark night from the east. the lead red orb was gaining altitude while moving southeast as the other red orbs behind followed the lead object. i alerted my brother and sister to then come outside and observe the strange objects , they did. i then ran back into the house , grabbed my cell phone and ran directly east across the street by a telephone pole and took 3 videos with my cell phone while my sister and brother stayed by the house. my brother and i can be heard on the videos conversing back and forth while the objects were in the sky and i was video taping them. my brother at the same time called a friend and his wife that live by a nearby lake that the objects were flying over. both my brother's friend and wife had stated that they were seeing the objects as we all were. as the objects would follow each other and the lead object reached a maximum height it's red glow would go out and the next orb would then appear from below the horizon line. at one point one of the three highest orbs went up vertically and back down forming a momentary triangle then continued an (in line) flight pattern as before. we counted a total of 12 red orbs at different times during the 25 minute encounter. myself as well as family members were in awe by this event. shortly after a youtube video was posted that i ran across from an individual in a nearby town that saw almost the same event as we did. the youtube video was soon after deleted before i could comment on it. about the same time a female in washington county reported to the sheriffs about multiple red/orange orbs being seen over the local walmart. the story was printed in the marietta times. my brother and i both agree that these objects defied what man-made objects normally do in the sky. my sister being more skeptical thought them to be man-made and explainable. it was truly fascinating and thrilling to see something this strange.

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Credit: MUFON

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