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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Bathurst, New Brunswick on 1991-11-30 00:00:00 - In livingroom, round white ball, fist sized, pushed thru the blinds at picture window ?Took 2 pictures 2 clicking noises,,with its eyes or lens that blinked

This happened extremely quickly.... we were sitting in my livingroom in bathurst one evening with my 3 teens and pre teen daughter; watching tv;. something,,,, hmmmm,,,it seemed mechanical,,, a small round white ball, fist sized, with black ?Eyes, ?Lens, moved the old plastic vertical blinds we had in those days.. in 2 locations; this made a clacking noise that both he and i heard;,first on the left of the window then directly in front of where william and i were sitting on the couch, moving the hard plastic slats twice at the front picture window, slipping into the room; and seemed to maybe take a picture of us; we heard a clicking noise,, and it seemed to have eyes or lens that opened and closed.. both william and i saw it come through the closed window and closed window shade slats; and move the blind;; but the kids did not see it or hear it.. he and i immediately turned to each other with huge eyes and said,,, did you see that... but the kids laughed at us, as all 4 of them were just watching tv on the floor. what ever could it have been. we jumped up and asked the kids,,, they laughed as he and i went to see if the window was open and neither of the 2 side windows, maybe sliders on the bottom? don’t remember, were open , there was nothing outside and the blinds had hardly moved when this object seemed to come thru them to take a look at us. we went out the front door next to the window and still did not see anything to give us a clue as to what had happened. i guess we are just special. my sister in saint john has seen 2 small aliens in a craft watching her in her window, yes,,, they were wearing pink stretchy suits and something on their heads, and she had a best friend who is dead now who was taken aboard a craft many times, instructed by aliens and told something was going to happen and was given a contact number for him to let them know and he would be picked up… he died a couple yrs ago; before she told me this and perhaps the document he wrote in greek are gone now,, those were both in the 60s. i will ask the greek priest who buried him if he still has any documents and will submit them if they are found... i will get her to write you the info on her alien siteing,, my brother and his girlfriend also saw a alien saucer in the oromocto area, i will ask him to submit their siteing as well.

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Credit: MUFON

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