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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Arkansas on 2017-02-15 18:55:00 - Four of us at lake fayettville just saw a white ball of light take off into outer space

Four of us are sitting at lake fayetteville at 6:55pm on february 15 after a round of disc golf, getting ready for the horseshoe canyon icebowl. no clouds, no wind, around 35 degrees. planes from the local airport taking off and landing as always over the course, regional airport traffic also going on approach and taking off in their patterns, the same for the interstate traffic way up leaving small and less than ten second dissipating contrails, all normal, blinking or constant white lights on the tail or wings and a red left and green right wing lights on planes at night. helicopter has the three white lights and blinking red and green or close to that, and they look and sound like a helicopter. both planes and helicopters fly over the park, the hospital helicopter on landing is less than a thousand feet off the ground at times...We see these all the time day and night. we also have had drones like everyone lately, they have a drone sound and most have lights but ya never know. i will try to get the other three people to write down or give their testimony. what the four of us saw, was a light as bright and as big as venus. a steady, constant bright white ball of light, not flashy bright like an led, maybe more like a bunch of leds inside a white housing. it looked like venus was moving from the westnortwest when we first said hey look a that. it moved slowly, like a 15-20 mph chinese lantern speed, and yes, in the same direction as the prevailing winds earlier that day, though they were only 3 mph to none. the object appeared to be the size of venus with the naked eye, bright and flashy wide, not squinty or filtered wide, however much bigger and brighter that is than a chinese lantern. we couldn't tell if the object was in space or right over head. one person thought it was a satellite, then we said there's no way a satellite could be that bright or that big. it steadily floated over our heads, and we listened, because we thought it might be a drone, but could hear nothing. the ball of light continued from overhead to the east, and seemed to be getting further away and higher, but it did not change brightness or diameter. it had, at least, traveled the length of the lake by now, and never flickered or made any sign of change, just something that looked like venus floating over the lake. we then thought it might be hovering over the far end of the lake. it almost looked like it was not moving or like it hovering maybe, but then it looked like it was just rising and going away at an angle that made it appear like it was not moving much. the bright ball of light then made a slight move to the south, now at an angle of about 30-35 degrees above the horizon, then in a shrinking flash, flashed into a small red light that streaked away to the eastsoutheast. the red light got smaller and smaller and turned to the south and began to have a long blink. it looked like a really dim tail light on a truck, but the red light streak stayed in the sky, then blinked out for a split second, then another half inch long red light streak that stayed in the sky formed, then another and another, then smaller and smaller then finally a blinking red point, the entire red, dashed trail was visible from beginning to end, and it seemed to take 10-30 seconds for the red trail to fade, like a contrail after a plane would, as we squinted to see the blinking point fade away. it looked like the jump to light speed in star wars, but just the trail of one red light. straight up ufo floated overhead and then shot off into space- that's what it looked like. led on a chinese lantern, police recon drone, just an unregulated toy that went way past its' transmitter range, earthquake light, mental imagery projected into our minds straight from the haarpdarpamkultra club, angel, sprite, alien space mobile interested in my amazing disc golf skillz!? we may never know, but i can tell you this, we are always standing in amazement of the miraculous and beautiful, witnessing all that there is when we play disc golf.

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Credit: MUFON

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