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Monday, February 27, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Minot, Maine on 2016-09-25 18:08:00 - Seen one ufo above to south east fly east then another over head right after so close 50 feet above us

The first ufo looked like it was a glowing red plane with no trail or noise moving smoothly from the south west or the town of poland direction to east or east auburn direction then up out of the atmosphere nd it was very hard to see on video but it does show up as white star like but that is not what it looked like in real life it was more glowing red pink reflective. then another ufo shortly after about 3 minutes later was right over head litterally directly above me the ufo was just sitting hovering there and i only seen it because i happened to sit on ground then i did lie down in order to see sky better the sun was just about to sit and neither ufo was a planet or a star or a drone or a plane i am 100% sure it was right above me amd my kids directly above me on the basketball court and the ufo now over head didnt fly away in any direction it just went stright up this os wjat my children said i actually blinked it was gone didnt fly in any direction didnt come from anydirection on the video cannot see it in the video either and it dissappeard less than a minute later. me and my 3 children and my friend all seen the events i have described i do have pictures and video of the one that flew away the first ufo but not the one above us i never thought to take a pic it happened so fast. the ufo above us was hazy pink multitone like fog and with a pattern that resembled buss windows along the horizontally and no actual detail could be seen it was all depth dark and color like 2d and big the size of 2 school busses about 50 ft over head no noise except a rumble in the distance like a train faint and no trains are anywhere near this spot and a dark grey black cloud sat on the ufo or ufo 3/4 was covered by the dark cloud or the ufo sat in the cloud. every one who seen the ufos described as a diffrent color my son said orange my friend said white but we all said glowing or luminesent or reflective the one up close was not as reflective it was more light absorbing or omitting the light. it seemd to me that the first ufo came from where ever this ufo was headed . this was all at before sunset before twilight and way before the stars came out

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Credit: MUFON

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