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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Lourdes, Newfoundland and Lab on 1994-08-07 07:40:00 - Waiting for school bus,looked across road,seen clouds,and an orange ball,two others came from the first,formed a triange,the triangle rotated slowly,other two joined the one,disappeared in clouds

I'll begin on a difficult note,i'm not 100% on the year.92,93,94..One of those for sure.I walked out to the road to wait for my school bus.Probably around 8-20 after 8.At the time i lived on a farm.There was a field across the road,beyond the field was trees and a hill that lead down to marshy ground,then eventually a cliff overlooking the ocean. the bus comes from the left side,i looked,and that morning the sun wasn't out.Seemed like it was gonna head for a nice day,i looked up the road to see if the bus was coming,i almost made the full head turn but something in the clouds caught my attention.Seen a orange ball breaking through the clouds.Automatic thought?. the sun is coming out,well that orange ball turned into 3,those 3 formed the shape of a triangle,and they held that shape while slowly rotating in a circle,they all joined back into 1,and slowly disappeared behind some clouds. i wish i could offer you more on my experience,but i'm not very educated. i can tell you,it wasn't far off,and it wasn't extremely high in the air. i lived at that time in a very very tiny community,like less than 900 people. on the back of the house of the family i lived with at the time was a huge marsh and further up is a huge mountain,with a small pond directly below it,still to this day i'm petrified of it. but i've never been able to get that place out of my head..Very creepy. as for the thing i seen,if someone could help me by telling me that what i saw was a natural phenomenon or something unique,i'd be greatful. thank you

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Credit: MUFON

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